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Hey there, I'm Brie! 

I'm an opera singer, blogger, web designer, clean beauty + wellness advocate, city-turned-country girl, story-teller and I'm obsessed with my baby chickens (don't tell my cats )!

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Growing up I've always had a deep love for the Arts. I wanted to be a singer and actress at the age of 3, then I got into writing and graphic art in Middle and High School, then in college, I switched my major from Art to Music. 

I fell so in love with the Arts because they helped me cope with the insecurity I felt because of my skin. I developed severe acne when I was only 9 years old and nothing conventional that I tried helped. Burying myself in writing, drawing, singing, & creating allowed me to escape how I felt about my looks.

In 2007, I was introduced to clean beauty by an esthetician and I have never looked back. Not only did using cleaner products (& eating cleaner foods) help my skin (and also my confidence), but I was able to find makeup that would hold up during singing or performing engagements.

 I've spent 15 years researching ingredients, testing products, and learning all I could about the clean beauty industry. My goal is to help others, especially other singers and performers, navigate the world of clean beauty & eco-living so that they can live healthier lives without any stress.

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From singing to blogging to web design..

As a singer, artist, and blogger, the aesthetic & content of my site has always been important to me - it needs to be a main character, not a bit player. More importantly, I wanted my site to represent me, my brand, and my personal vibe and I wanted my site to be a place that people would want to spend time reading, listening and learning. 

After spending years frustrated with not knowing how to get my site to look like it fully represented me, I decided to learn how to do it myself. I immersed myself in any design course and tutorial I could find and now I am ready to share my designs so that other multi-hyphenate creatives like myself can let their website take center stage and be the star of the show! 

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About the Blog

La Vie de Brie Louise

It all started with severe back issues....

I created my blog in 2013 while I was recovering from major back surgery. I couldn’t perform music, and I have always loved to write, so it seemed like a good way to keep my mind occupied while I recovered.

What started as me sharing my skin issues and my clean beauty journey slowly evolved into something more. As I began to make my way back into the world of singing, performing, and more recently, web design, I couldn't help but notice how these artistic activities helped me cope better with stress, anxiety, and even physical pain. Now, I am sharing not just my favorite clean products that have helped my skin, but also how singing, music, and design have been instrumental in my personal wellness journey. 

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