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I’m so excited to share with you that I am finally getting closer to launching my Showit web template shop on my site!

This is something that I have long wanted to do, something that I have been diligently learning, studying, taking courses, and spending long hours going through stock photos, fonts, color palettes, and of course, creating the templates to sell.

Here’s the thing: I’m still very focused on my blog and my singing, which really is what prompted me to start looking into web design in the first place. After ten years of running a blog site and getting my professional music site up, I realized something. I realized that no matter how much I tried to find the perfect templates to represent my brand, I could never find anything that truly felt like me. I would forever be deleting sections, moving things around, or frankensteining my site to try and get it the way I wanted it.

But because I didn’t know coding or HTML, trying to redesign my site on WordPress was pretty much a lost cause. And my Wix music site was really no easier to get how I wanted. yes, it’s a drag-and-drop platform, however, Wix like every other platform I have used, has a lot of limitations that just left me frustrated and unsatisfied.

I decided that if I wanted my site to look how I really wanted it to, I needed to learn how to design.

And that’s what I did.

And that’s when I discovered Showit. And I knew this was meant to be.

Showit is truly unlike any website platform out there. There really aren’t many if any limitations when it comes to design and it is just so easy to get things how you want them – it’s literally the best drag-and-drop editor out there. I initially signed up for their 14-day free trial just to get used to it and I loved it so much that I signed up for the Showit & Advanced Blog subscription (which includes hosting and free blog migration. Showit also uses WordPress for blogging which I love). You can try Showit for free for 14 days and then get a free 30 days with my code brielouise.

You can read my other post on Showit here.

The second thing I did was to take some design courses to learn from Showit designers that not only have styles I admire but that are crushing it in the design game! Becca Luna is one of the best designer mentors out there and she breaks everything down, making it so easy to learn how to be the best Showit designer you can be. I took her CEO of Showit and her Creative Career courses, and I also took a 3-day course from Tonic Site Shop which was also incredible.

The other reason I wanted to design templates is that just like I could never find any template designs that felt like they represented me as a blogger, I also didn’t really see much for opera singers, actors, visual artists, or music teachers that were beautiful, easy to customize or were affordable.

And though I do know of two opera singers who design sites for other singers, they primarily use WIX, which as I stated, has limitations when customizing.

Designing on Showit not only allows me to have total creative freedom when designing a template, but it also allows you to have total freedom in customizing the template.

So far I have designed around 6 templates, an Instagram link in bio page, a music studio page, and some Instagram templates to go with the templates. I’m still working out prices, but everything will have various payment plan options because I want my products to be as affordable and accessible as I can.

I’m also still working on a future web design site for when I start taking clients for custom design. Right now, I’m just working on the template shop and see how that goes. Also, trying to narrow down the perfect fonts, colors, and photos for a design site is just so hard for me – I like too many styles! 😛

I’ll be sending out a newsletter to let those of you who are subscribed know first when the shop is live and I will also be announcing it on my design Instagram –

To see the templates I have so far and view the demos, you can visit my Coming Soon Page here. Also, if you sign up on the template shop page, you will get 5 free Instagram canva templates that you can customize to match your feed. 🙂

Have you switched to Showit yet? What are your thoughts?

Chat Soon,

Brie xo

*Template photo and the designs are property of La vie de Brie Louise & Designs by Brie Louise – they are not for reuse. I am not affiliated with Showit – just a huge fan! They give a code to share when you sign up!

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