for Clean beauty, Eco-Living, Wellness & Singing!

I'm letting you in on my favorite resources and tools that help me live a cleaner and healthier life, plus what I use to help me with blogging as well as my singing practice. 

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something.


These are a few of my favorite, most used Apps for both singing and blogging. 


I use this to make all of my social media posts, blog images, banners, logos,etc. I use the Pro version but you can do alot with the Free too!


I use this to schedule & post all of my social media content


Find thousands of accompaniments for classical, MT, and choral pieces. Plus, you can set the key & tempo you need!


You can annotate, create setlists, rearrange pages, add bookmarks, play along to an audio track, and more with lots of  tools to help you turn practice into performance.



some of my fave websites for blogging/website templates, clean beauty & wellness. 


Platform I use for my website. Showit allows you to create & design the site of your dreams! Requires a subscription & includes hosting. Get one month FREE here.

Blush Created

My favorite Showit designer  - her templates are so gorgeous (the temoplate I am using is hers). A Showit subscription is required.

Well & Good

Find articles on clean living, clean beauty, healthy recipes, fitness & more.

living earth beauty

One of my fave clean beauty & wellness online shops. 



these are some of my fave books for clean beauty/living, wellness and singing (for more singing resources go here)

Gorgeously Green

The first book I ever bought on living a more green & eco life!  Perfect for anyone new to the world of eco-living. 

The Wellness remodel

An easy to follow guide on rehabbing your gut, your mind and body. Lots of yummy recipes, and easy exercises too! 

No more Dirty Looks

Learn the not so clean truth about the beauty industry . A must have for anyone that is concerned about ingredients. 

Radical Beauty

Kimberly Snyder & Deepak Chopra share how to achieve your healthiest & most beautiful you through food & mindful living.

vaccai vocal exercises

A great tool for any level of singer to learn technique. 

anatomy of the voice

A must have for any vocal student or teacher to learn how your body works as an instrument. 



Some FREE guides for you to download, printout or take shopping with you! For more freebies, sign up for my newsletter!

Cleaner Beauty Swaps

A  guide to cleaner beauty and skincare swaps. 

Ingredients to avoid

A list of known toxic ingredients

GMOs 101

Everything you need to know about GMOs

Clean Skincare Routine

A quick clean beauty routine you can easily follow