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Brie Louise

Clean Beauty Consult

Whether you are a busy mom, boss gal, performer or just love beauty products, I can help you find cleaner swaps for your conventional faves that are right for you and your budget!

This Service is for you if...

You love the idea of using cleaner products, you have skin issues and need products that are more gentle and less irritating, you're a performer and want to find makeup that won't break you out but still holds up or you have concerns about ingredients in conventional products. 

Music Wellness Consult

Love singing, but you're not really interested in performing? Did you know that many of the techniques we singers use can also be used to help cope with stress, anxiety, pain, period issues and more? Learn how to use your breath, body and voice to help with all of that!

This Service is for you if...

You struggle with stress or tension and want to learn some tricks to help you calm down quickly, you love to sing and want to use your instrument as part of your self care practice.

Online Voice Lessons

Whether you are a new singer, just need a tune-up before a performance or you want to learn to sing as a way to escape the stresses of everyday life, I can help you achieve your goals! 

This Service is for you if...

You've never taken voice lessons, you sing as a hobby or creative outlet, you wish to take your wellness journey to a different, more fun level. 

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